At FM Solutions & Services Pte Ltd, our  knowledge and integrated solutions approach applies across different domains and well-supported by our Help Desk which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Singapore-based staff have received intensive training to provide suitable recommendations to resolve clients’ problems. The Feedback Management System is also supported by the same team to ensure delivery of services that are professional and consistent.

Quality of work and timely delivery of services are the principal objectives of our value creation. We constantly seek to enhance our knowledge, skills, systems and processes in pursuit of these objectives.

Our Vision

To anchor itself as a reputable and choice provider of property and facility management services through value creation for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Mission
  • Providing assuring quality, reliability and services to our esteemed clients
  • Creating a dynamic team and workforce in the knowledge-based economy
  • Adopting pro-environment approaches in our projects and services
  • Implementing long-term solutions that are sustainable and cost-efficient
Our Core Values
  • Integrity: To place the interests of clients before self
  • Commitment: We strive to deliver on our promises
  • Competency: Continuous learning and adopting best practices
  • Teamwork: To promote a culture of collaboration of knowledge and personal accountability for all tasks
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