Our Risk Management Activities provide Safety Assurance on your Projects

Leading Real Estate Management Company

FMSS has a wealth of experience and expertise working on major developments across the public and private sector. Our company is capable of implementing a full range of facility, real estate and property management services to ensure projects are effectively and efficiently executed. Through the application of knowledge, skills and processes, we provide our clients with innovative solutions that are customised to suit their needs. No project is too big or too small for our highly capable consultancy team.

Brief description of the team’s job scope:

1)   Plan and manage projects from beginning to completion.

2)  Undertake feasibility studies. This includes advice on project scope, technical specifications, budget, resource planning and safety issues.

3)  General coordination and supervision of building projects. This involves leading technical discussions, meetings with clients, consultants and contractors

4)   Identify problems on site and render proper technical solutions accordingly.

5)   Execute projects effectively and ensure it meets deadlines.

6)   Conduct project related risk management activities, if necessary.

Customised real estate management solutions

FMSS’s risk management activities will provide safety assurance on your projects. Our consultants will ensure that all work is completed to the highest possible standard in order to achieve desired results. With a team of over 130 experienced professionals, we are capable of providing you with tailored solutions to match your project requirements. Our property, real estate and facility management services are offered to private home owners and property developers throughout Singapore.

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FMSS a global frontrunners when it comes to facility and property management. Call us on (+65) 6634 3155 with any questions about our services or to discuss your latest project. You can also email us on fmss@fmsolutions.com.sg or contact us by filling out our online enquiry forms today.

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